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The Institute of group and family psychology and psychotherapy

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The Institute of group and family psychology and psychotherapy is the first private psychological institute in Moscow. It was established six years ago but the people working there have much longer professional experience in psychology. They are dedicated professionals. They studied under leading experts in the field, forefathers of other similar institutes in Russia and abroad.

We are trying to build a small island of stability, competence and high-level psychological services in this country – and this is our contribution to its prosperity and development.

We have worked for six years in the service market, the dynamically developing market of the future. We know that in the whole world psychotherapy is considered a part of normal life for individuals and families.

We help you to study and master the essential part of psychology, something that you need to know, the best of what is written in the books on psychology and what is not written there yet.

We offer you

  • Consultations of a psychologist, professional assistance in resolving psychological problems
  • Study of methods and techniques of modern practical psychology
    • to everyone who needs it
    • for personal or professional reasons.

Our Center will provide you with:

  • competent answers to your problems;
  • time and place to think and feel, experiment and change;
  • attention, confidentiality, feeling of safety and protection;
  • "support group" and professional trainer motivated for you to succeed;
  • information, skills and a chance to practice them.

Our specialists will help you to sort out, put in order and improve your personal feelings, your relations with others: partners, children, parents, coworkers and acquaintances.

Special programs are aimed at improving self-appraisal, overcoming phobias, assistance in bereavement, help in adjusting to a new job.

Number of seminars are designed to teach a productive joyful interaction with people, stress control, optimal self-organization and other useful skills.

What makes us different

  • We never promise everything at once but we always deliver what was promised

  • Our specialists do not practice white or black magic, at least they say they don't. However they studied with the best Western professional psychologists and psychotherapists, they are certified international practitioners in one or several acclaimed psychological methods. Psychologists of the Institute select only those methods that were well adapted to specific conditions in this country.

  • All our trainers conduct teaching groups, practice psychotherapy and consultancy at the same time – thus they are well qualified to teach others.

  • The Institute of Group and Family Psychotherapy regularly organises seminars and conferences inviting the stars of the modern psychotherapy from Europe and America. There you may study from the best professionals in the field. A list of names of our foreign guests will run several pages long without proper titles which are long too.

What will be the result?
  • You will learn to utilize your resources to compensate for your weaknesses, and will understand better your true identity;

  • You will acquire internal harmony and spiritual balance;
  • You will learn to structure your relations with other people in a positive joyful manner;
  • You will develop a realistic system of achieving desired results;
  • You will find unexpected solutions to complicated problems;
  • You will get acquainted with people who are similar to you and who you will not wish to say good-byes to.

To make this happen you will have to work hard – supported by your trainer and a group, of course. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes painful, but the result is always worthwhile.

What service?

  • You will choose the form of work most suitable for you. We offer you options:
    • personal participation in the experiential or educational psychotherapeutic group;
    • audio- or video cassettes produced by our Publishing House "Klass";
    • books of the "Modern Psychology and Psychotherapy" series.

We will gladly send you "psychology by post" (cassettes and books) – opinions and approaches, cases and demonstrations presented by the best trainers on the most topical issues never fail to appeal to every listener, reader or viewer. These materials you may study for a long time, each time finding some new, so far unnoticed details without actually getting up the sofa.

But all these useful things lack one important quality – your personal involvement in the problem-solving process.

Nobody can solve your problem for you, therefore, your personal presence at the seminars is most important.

Try and send your mother-in-law, your disagreeable boss or boring acquaintances to our trainings. You will feel jealous for them.

The schedule of classes is flexible and you will choose the most suitable time. All additional information about our trainers and Institute, our methods and programs we will provide orally or will send you FREE brochures.

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