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At the cultural cross-roads
cultural aspects of corporate relations

Program for training department managers that have representatives of various cultures working for them and for personnel managers.

A joint venture reminds one of a Babylon Tower where the inhabitants with diverse languages inevitably face problems caused by cultural differences and family background. Like any other problem, these may be ignored, rejected or resolved by administrative methods. The result is easily predictable: concealed tension among employees, negative emotions, outwardly irrational resignations. To relieve psychological stress and improve work efficiency it is imperative to teach representatives of different cultures and different cultures to live, work and effectively interact.

The problem will be resolved if specially trained employees in your company may establish effective transcultural communication, easily assimilate new Russian or Western employees, adjust to mutual expectations and pragmatic Western corporate culture.

The proposed program is based on:

  • professional experience in conducting similar trainings abroad (England, USA, Germany)
  • resolving psychological and psychotherapeutic problems of foreign hired workers in general and foreigners in Russia in particular;
  • exercising effective techniques widely used to overcome similar problems in organizations around the world.

The training centers around the following topics:
  1. Foreigners in Russia
  2. Russians abroad
  3. Russians and foreigners within one company
  4. Myths and superstitions: before and now
  5. Family traditions and legends: roots we never severe.

The training is structured as role playing and highly informative exercises as well as guided group discussions. The atmosphere at the training allows participants to become consciously aware, to undergo and act out diverse transcultural experience in a friendly and safe atmosphere. The training is conducted for a group of 10-15 people in Russian or English without translation that ensures a more dynamic and saturated action.